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Antioxidant Infusion: Hibiscus & Sencha Green Tea

Wilder Botanics

Antioxidant Infusion: Hibiscus & Sencha Green Tea

The Intention

A beautiful blend that unites light and refreshing young leaves of Sencha green tea with tart and fruity hibiscus and a hint of citrusy lemon to create an infusion that is perfectly refreshing, cleansing, and a wonderful daily antioxidant.

Protecting and graceful-aging encourager Sencha green tea is loaded with antioxidants and helps to enrich and enhance the immune system; the leaves in this blend are grown away from direct sunlight and are harvested when the first leaves appear as these are the most nutritious. Antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory hibiscus helps support the immune system and the circulatory system. Cleansing and refreshing lemon provides an abundance of vitamin C, as well as an uplifting zing to this infusion.

To be enjoyed any time of day, but we especially love this blend in the morning.


The Ingredients

Organic Sencha Green Tea (Camellia sinensis), Organic Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa), Organic Lemon (Citrus limon)

The Ritual

One teaspoon per cup, add hot water and allow to infuse for 10 minutes. Strain and enjoy.

The Wilder Botanics Story

Founded by wife and husband duo Rachel and Charlie Landon, Wilder Botanics was brought to life to honor their deep, heartfelt love of herbs. Rachel has been a practicing herbalist and naturopath for the past thirteen years, and with inspiration beaming from their four children of diverse ages (baby to teenager), they have discovered distinct ways in which to incorporate the healing benefits of herbs into their daily lives.  They are truly a family run business working together with awareness – on a journey with so many ideas for loving self-care.

All Wilder Botanics products are lovingly hand-blended in small batches in their London, England studio using in-house herbal extracts and the finest organic energetic ingredients that have been sourced sustainably and with not only the health of the human body and spirit in mind, but also with the health of Mother Earth in mind.