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Beloved Fern Flower Essence: Balance + Interconnection + Stillness
Beloved Fern Flower Essence: Balance + Interconnection + Stillness

Corpus Ritual

Beloved Fern Flower Essence: Balance + Interconnection + Stillness

The Intention

Beloved Fern is a flower essence for remembering balance, interconnection, and calling in stillness in the swirl of overwhelm.

Flower essences are subtle but powerful medicine. Made with the blooms of flowers or parts of the plant, the essence holds the energetic body of the plant. By introducing the energetic body of the plant to your own body, incremental shifts can occur on an emotional and spiritual level. The essences are made by placing plant material in water, under the sun and moon, and then adding water and an alcohol for preservation.

All Corpus Ritual flower essences are made by hand in Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, California, or New York.

1fl oz

The Ingredients

fern essence, filtered water, brandy

The Ritual

Take 3-5 drops under tongue as desired

The Corpus Ritual Story

Founded by Jennifer Patterson, a queer and trans affirming and centering, trauma-experienced herbalist and breathwork facilitator who uses plants, breath, and words to explore survivorhood, body/bodies, and healing, Corpus Ritual is the manifestation of her deep study with herbs for the last 7 years: both formal training and extensive and continued self-study.

Created in small batches in New Mexico using organic herbs sourced from farmers or grown by Jennifer herself and/or collected ethically and in small amounts, Corpus Ritual focuses on herbal remedies as powerful touchstones, and encourages us to dive deeply into relationships with plants to invite their guidance as we move through moments at the bottom of the well and beyond it too.

Jennifer believes we can only be as well as the environment around us, and that any kind of work we do in supporting another’s healing is harm reduction work. She feels it is an honor to help support people in connecting back to themselves, as they move through various states of embodiment and healing.

In addition to herbal medicine, Jennifer is a facilitator of breathwork sessions and trauma-focused writing workshops. In her private practice, she works on a sliding scale because she believes healing – that lifelong, non-linear journey – should be more accessible and within reach.