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Ceremony Oil


Ceremony Oil

The Intention

CEREMONY oil infuses rainbow moonstone energetics of meditation, vision, and perception with a sacred and grounding blend of plant essences that have been used in ritual for many centuries. With a beautiful base of jojoba oil that's biodynamic – a practice that embraces working with Mother Nature’s natural healing force and the connection between farmer, soil, plant, animal, and the cosmos – this magical oil resonates the vibrations of nature and connects us deeply to ourselves.

Enjoy as a functional fragrance, as a part of your self-care rituals, or whenever feels good! Gently roll on pulse points, take a slow + deep breath, and experience the mysticism of this sacred blend.

VIBES: meditation, connection, sacred, vision, guides

  • Top notes: sandalwood, palo santo, sage
  • Middle notes: muhuhu, buddah wood, angelica
  • Base notes: tobacco, frankincense
  • Rainbow moonstone: meditation, vision, perception

    0.3fl oz/10ml

    The Ingredients

    simmondsia (jojoba) chinensis oil***, bursera graveolens wood (palo santo) oil**, salvia officinalis (sage) oil*, botswellia carterii (frankincense) oil*, santalum album (sandalwood) oil, nicotiana (tobacco) tabacum*, eremophila (buddah wood) mitchellii**, brachyleana hutchinsii (muhuhu) oil**, angelica (angelica) archangelica*, rainbow moonstone.

    *organic, **wild-crafted, ***biodynamic

    For external use only, do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor prior to use. 

    The Ritual

    Roll on pulse points ~ wrists, neck, and behind your ears ~ and then take a deep breath. Repeat throughout the day as needed. 

    The thghtsnctry Story

    thghtsnctry (pronounced thought sanctuary) began as a creative and healing project for designer Carly Gouweloos. Growing up in an unschooling family with a focus on nature as the teacher, plants and gemstones have always been an integral and spiritual part of her life. Spending many years watching her mom harvest plants and flowers from the forest and infuse them in oil under the sunlight, she began to blend plant essences herself to create natural perfumes and self-healing oils. Over time, and infused with the love of design and color, the oils grew into their own magical entity now known as thghtsnctry.

    With a beautiful biodynamic jojoba oil as the base, a practice that embraces working with Mother Nature’s natural healing force and the connection between farmer, soil, plant, animal and the cosmos, each blend infuses organic and wildcrafted plant essences with crystal energetics to create magical oils that resonate vibrations of nature. The result are super-high-vibration functional aromatherapy oils that harness the power of nature and can be used as a functional fragrance, as part of self-care, or whenever feels good. The intention is to encourage a daily ritual practice where we remember to take a deep breath and connect back to ourselves and nature. 

    Each oil is handmade with gratitude in small batches in Collingwood, Ontario. Carly designed each step of the creation process intentionally to ensure a continued respect for nature and its many gifts. All plant essences used are ethically harvested, and a vibrational process is used to infuse crystal energetics into the products - instead of using a new gemstone for each oil – as crystals are non-renewable resources. And thghtsnctry oils are housed in miron biophotonic violet glass jars to increase the bioenergy of the product over time and can be reused for many years, as well as product boxes that are 100% carbon neutral and fully recyclable.