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CLEARING SPACE | organic multi-surface botanical spray cleaner


CLEARING SPACE | organic multi-surface botanical spray cleaner

The Intention

A wonderful, all-purpose cleaner, this botanical spray can be used on diaper pads, tables, countertops, bathroom tile, wood floors and tables, leather, carpet, and the list goes on. A little goes a long way in this do-it-all cleaning product that's safe, effective, and smells amazing!

16fl oz glass bottle with black spray top included

The Ingredients

purified water, saponified coconut oil (cocos nucifera)*, saponified olive oil (olea europaea)*, saponified jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis)*, vegetable glycerin, guar gum*, rosemary extract*, aloe (aloe vera)*, peppermint essential oil (mentha piperita)*, wildcrafted palo santo essential oil (bursera graveolens), eucalyptus essential oil (eucalyptus globulus)*, fir needle essential oil (abies balsamea)*, lavender essential oil (lavandula angustifolia)*, 

The Ritual

Use a few sprays to clean the surface of an area, then wipe down. A little goes a long way - if you over spray, you will form a soapy residue, which is fine, but will require a damp cloth or towel to wipe up. For a dry clean, just use one or two spritzes, then wipe with a towel.


The DANI KENNEY line was inspired and created from a place of necessity and love. When Dani became pregnant, she found limited resources for the kind of information and pregnancy-safe products that she sought. There was a lot of conflicting information out there, as well as a plethora of great natural products whose safety during pregnancy was questionable. So she decided to create her own line of functional, beautiful, safe products for pregnancy and beyond. With a background as a classically-trained chef and holistic nutritionist, Dani has alchemically paired her therapeutic culinary wisdom with her passion for natural skincare to bring mothers beautiful handmade products that are as natural as they are efficacious. Everything she creates is inspired by the synergy of the earth’s best ingredients, as well as an extensive understanding of how they intrinsically interact with the human body.

All ingredients used are organic and sourced from conscious, small farmers and businesses around the US. All products are made by hand in small batches in their studio in the little beach town of Naples, Florida, and Dani only creates products that she uses on herself and on her own baby.