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Coca Kesara Mask

pAra Botanica

Coca Kesara Mask

The Intention

Offering a brightened, firmer and more evenly toned complexion, Coca Kesara infuses skin with the most potent whole plant antioxidants from freeze dried acerola cherry and camu camu – the highest plant sources of vitamin C known. Harmonizing beautifully with these vitamin C-rich whole plants in this powder mask that is activated upon mixing with a medium of choice (water or raw honey are our favorites!) are rejuvenating raw cacao to provide plentiful vitamin E and magnesium to ward off free radicals and boost collagen production; beta glucan-rich, youth preserving reishi mushroom to reduce inflammation and soothe sensitive skin; gotu kola to rejuvenate and enliven skin; comfrey to deeply heal; and marshmallow root to calm as it cools and provides deep hydration.


The Ingredients

Theobroma cacao (cocoa), kaolin clay, malpighia sp. (acerola) cherry, myrciaria dubia (camu camu) berry, hibiscus sabdariffa flower, (foeniculum vulgare) fennel seed, ganoderma lucidum (reishi) mushroom, aloe vera, carica (green papaya), centella asiatica (gotu kola), symphytum officinale (comfrey) leaf and root, althaea officinalis (marshmallow) root, theobroma cacao (cocoa) CO2, essential oil of Foeniculum vulgare (fennel)

certified organic

The Ritual

Mix approx 3/4 tsp of the mask with enough hot water to form a thick soup (not a paste - we want a good amount of water to allow the ingredients to remain active longer and for easier spreading). Alternatively, add 1/2 tsp of raw honey for added hydration + healing and to keep the mask pliable (if preferred), blend into a thick pudding. Apply to cleansed skin avoiding eye area (preferably with a mask brush). Leave on for approximately 10 minutes, or until just beginning to dry. Rinse using circular motions to buff away dead skin cells. Follow with mist, oil, serum & balm.

The pAra Botanica Story

Founded by Christy Whitney-Matz out of a deeply felt calling to work in the healing arts, her phenomenal line is the culmination and journey of her self-study of herbal remedies, nutrition, and the practice of Ayurveda for 10 years before jumping off the cliff fully and committing to what is now pAra.

As a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner and a self-studied holistic living walking body of knowledge that practices what it preaches, Christy interweaves human spirit, plant spirit, and the divine in each of her creations. As a Reiki-infused holistic skincare line, pAra emphasizes the return to beauty ritual as nourishing medicine and each potion is created through intuitive sensing, visioning, and listening with the help of ancestral guides and the backing of scientific research.

All ingredients used in pAra creations are sourced carefully and with the health of Mother Earth at the forefront. All plants are organically or ethically wildcrafted, and come from small farmers who grow with love and intention from seed to harvest: nurturing the full cycle of life, and harvesting plants at their peak of medicinal potency. Extracts are created lovingly and slowly in-house, and all products are created in micro-batches in a small studio space overlooking a green cliff, listening to the sweet sounds of bird song, flutes and chimes, while being infused with a blend of Shamanic practice and Reiki life force energy. This harmonious blend of intentions and infusions manifests as blends that are healing, brimming with vitality, and vibrating with the highest plant medicine.

And, because Christy has a soft spot for horses (especially those who have been forgotten), a portion of pAra’s proceeds go toward horse rescue and recovery at one of the shelters in the Unwanted Project Exhibition.