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Crown Your Life - Crown Chakra

Scents of Awe

Crown Your Life - Crown Chakra

The Intention

A cleansing liquid crystal wand of essences that elevates your being, enhances your cellular frequency, and inspires your spirit to rise into its infinite potential, Crown Your Life helps to assist in communication with the all-knowing guide within us all.

The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) – located at the crown of the head – is the portal through which luminous threads reach from and connect our light with that of the stars. Sahasrara means “emptiness,” and is often portrayed as a thousand-petaled lotus: symbolizing detachment from illusion. In this chakra, duality is one, and positive expressions of this include illumination, transcendence, selflessness, integrity, and wisdom.


The Ingredients

All organic: jojoba oil, essential oils of frankincense, angelica, poplar, rosemary, clary sage, juniper berry, laurel, and palo santo

The Ritual

Apply a drop or two directly onto your scalp, massaging into your hair.

The Scents of Awe Story

Founded by Paula Ferraro, an alchemical artist and natural living devotee, Scents of Awe weaves her passions for healing through nature reconnection into internal and external beauty solutions. Her extensive work with children inspired the creation of solution-based wellness products that could replace toxic skincare products with plant medicine options. By integrating ritualized beauty and wellness solutions through her handcrafted products, she lives to inspire others to deepen their intuitive connections to our planet by promoting the interconnectedness of the natural world at the cellular level.

Paula gave birth to her daughter in the womb of the Santa Monica Mountains in 2010, and together they created a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary at their home, and they have been raising and releasing Monarch butterflies to cultivate awareness for all species currently in threat of extinction.

In late 2017, they relocated together to Oregon. It is here – in the mountains outside of Eugene, Oregon – that Scents of Awe creations are brought to life with deep intention, expansive love, and the utmost reverence for Mother Earth.