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DEMON SLAYER // Vitality + Longevity Tonic
DEMON SLAYER // Vitality + Longevity Tonic


DEMON SLAYER // Vitality + Longevity Tonic

The Intention

An ancient vitality tonic

A true vitality enhancing, longevity promoting, and endurance increasing tonic, hibiscus, eleuthero, lemon balm, and ginger unite in this blend, which finds rhodiola root at its foundation. One of the first herbs identified as an adaptogen, rhodiola root has a legendary history of use spanning thousands of years. In ancient Tibet, it was thought to nourish chi (energy or vital force), the Greek physician Dioscorides extolled the variety of medicinal virtues of the plant in 77 A.D., the Vikings used the herb for stamina and endurance, and Chinese emperors sent expeditions to Siberia to collect the so-called “Golden Root.” Rhodiola root has more recently been used by modern cosmonauts and Olympians to support physical stamina and mental performance.


The Ingredients

hibiscus, rhodiola root, eleuthero, lemon balm, ginger

All ingredients are either permaculturally grown, ethically wildcrafted, or certified organic.

The Ritual

Steep 1 tablespoon of loose leaf tea per one cup of boiled water for 8 minutes. Express gratitude and set intentions. Strain, begin the journey.


Founded in 2014 when owners Katie and Stephen Hotchkiss moved from Los Angeles, California to plant roots on their family farm – a former tree nursery started by Stephen’s grandfather, THE NEW NEW AGE was founded on their love for Mother Earth and their mission to spread love, health, and happiness through the magic of the plant and fungi kingdoms.

THE NEW NEW AGE is a medicinal herb farm and sanctuary located in the Otter River Valley near Port Burwell, Ontario, Canada. Katie and Stephen manage over 280 acres of mature Carolinian forest, 10 acres of medicinal herbs, and have converted over 50 acres of former farm land to native habitat including tall grass prairie, wetlands, and deciduous forest. And it is here where they grow, forage, and product transcendent, healing herbal products. All THE NEW NEW AGE creations are made in small batches at their certified farm facility, and are formulated by co-owner and Druid herbalist Stephen, with an emphasis on traditional ethnobotanical applications from across time and place that celebrate the transformative spiritual potency of plant medicine as a means of reconnection to Nature. They only source high quality plant material, that has been either permaculturally grown on their own beyond-organic land, certified organic, or ethically wildcrafted and never exposed to harmful chemicals or irradiation of any kind. They work with a small handful of certified organic farms, foragers, and distributors who share their same conservation and core values.

Katie and Stephen are deeply inspired by the interconnectedness of human and environmental health, so they practice beyond-organic, ecological farming and ethical wildcrafting guided by permaculture, esoteric herbalism and Druid traditions. A few of the herbs they actively cultivate/wild harvest are: holy basil, yarrow, sage, pine, reishi, lion's mane, elderflower, lemon balm, mugwort, hops, rose, lavender, bee balm, linden, skullcap, passionflower, prickly ash, spicebush, red clover, and nettles. 

With the ongoing support from groups like ALUS ElginALUS Canada, and Long Point Conservation, they are able to continue their conservation work each year. To date, they have restored over 50 acres of farm land to native Carolinian habitat, with a particular emphasis on edible and medicinal plant species. They have also planted over 30,000 trees, established wetlands, as well as tall grass prairie and pollinator habitat, which provides an abundance of food and plant medicine imbued with the verdant energy of the wild Carolinian terroir. They also work with local universities and organizations to support scientific studies and research at the farm. From surveys for rare and endangered plants and animals, to measuring the immediate and long term contributions of habitat conservation to clean air, clean water and biodiversity, these studies provide important information for researchers, ecologists, and policy makers.