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Living Apothecary


The Intention

A mineral rich tea tonic to help gently cleanse, Detoxify features warming + adaptogenic tulsi, nutrient-dense nettle, lymph-supportive red clover, clearing dandelion, vitamin C-abundant hibiscus. These botanicals assist our natural detoxification pathways to remove any built-up impurities from our everyday living…leaving you with renewed energy and a clear mind.

Gentle enough for everyday use.

feels: renewed, refreshed, realigned
tastes: earthy, honey, tart

30 serving kraft bag or 120 serving glass jar

The Ingredients

All organic: tulsi, nettle, red clover, dandelion, hibiscus

The Ritual

For best results, infuse 15 minutes in a covered vessel.

The Living Apothecary Story

Founded in 2017 by Naturopathic Doctor Kara Petrunick, Living Apothecary came to life as a true extension of Kara’s personal journey in finding herself in stillness and in plants.

For so many years she struggled with anxiety – constantly concerned about what her next steps would be. She found herself going back to school to study Naturopathic Medicine at 26, and living on her own in downtown Toronto brought her struggle with anxiety and burnout to the next level.

During this time, she found yoga and botanical medicine. It was in these moments of stillness that she found peace and solid ground. She was making herself herbal tea blends to help with her anxiety, burnout, and insomnia; and these moments of stillness, combined with the properties of the botanicals, shifted her into the space she was always meant to be in.

Living Apothecary is about the time spent with ourselves…where we can get back into ourselves. Rooted in traditional practices and expanded in modern rituals, Living Apothecary tea blends are meant to provide a moment of stillness in your day with a cup of botanicals that keep you grounded. And they keep their business as sustainable as they possibly can: they encourage the reuse of jars by offering bulk refills, 30 serve bags are compostable, and they’ve partnered with One Tree Planted (where each tea purchased plants one tree).