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Elderberry & Chaga Immune Syrup
Elderberry & Chaga Immune Syrup

Lala Earth

Elderberry & Chaga Immune Syrup

The Intention

Incredibly rich in antioxidants and excellent at supporting the body's immune system, elderberries have been a traditional folk remedy for centuries. This simple, yet highly effective, immune-boosting syrup boasts organic elderberries, an abundance of chaga mushroom - an adaptogen that literally contains the life force of trees and provides potent nutrition that nourishes the whole body, vitamin C-loaded hibiscus, enzymatic-rich and antibacterial (and delicious!) raw local wildflower honey, and supportive spices of ginger, cinnamon, and cloves to provide warming nurturing and revitalization to the entire body. 

8fl oz. 

The Ingredients

All organic: spring water, wild elderberries, chaga mushroom, hibiscus, raw local wildflower honey, raw local apple cider vinegar, ginger, cinnamon + cloves

The Ritual

Take 1-3 teaspoons per day for prevention during the fall/winter months. When feeling under the weather you can take elderberry syrup every couple of hours throughout the day. Also great to use in oatmeal or on top of pancakes!

The Lala Earth Story

Founded by community herbalist and homesteader Lauren Murphy, Lala Earth is an ode to the land and the magic of plants. Lauren is passionate about creating wild herbal tonics and nourishing skin care products that can seamlessly integrate into a healthy lifestyle. Only making and selling products that she uses herself, Lauren is constantly inspired by the plants that grow around her in southern Vermont. Growing many of the herbs in her home garden that she uses in her blends, she harvests herbs fresh when they are at their peak, and processes them in a way that preserves their vitality, nutrition, and magic.