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Glow - Good Earth Exfoliant Powder


Glow - Good Earth Exfoliant Powder

The Intention

A gentle, highly effective exfoliating powder that tenderly unclogs pores, removes dull and dead skin cells, and deep cleans the skin, Glow combines herbal wonders to reveal skin that is renewed, refreshed, and brimming with vitality. With oat flour to soothe, astragalus root to improve the appearance of inflammation, powered coconut water to add a hefty dose of vitamin C and a range of balancing minerals, papain (an enzyme from papaya) and 8% vitamin C working in synergy to loosen the “glue” that holds the top layer of dead skin cells together – allowing them to lift away easily – as well as improving skin brightness and firmness, antioxidant-rich green coffee extract to add a tightening shot of caffeine for skin, panax ginseng extract to energize, bentonite clay to pull toxins out of the skin, and olive leave and turmeric to provide deep nutrition and nourishment and boost Glow’s potency.

This diverse blend is an ode to nearly all parts of plants, and, used bi-weekly, offers major benefits in improving skin’s clarity and brightness, as well as enhancing overall skincare results in one indulgently delightful step.


The Ingredients

Avena Sativa* (oat) Kernal powder, Cocos nucifera* endosperm (coconut water), Papain, Ascorbic Acid, Acacia Senegal* (Acacia Gum), Bentonite, Diatomaceous Earth, Cocos nucifera* (coconut) fruit powder, Oryza sativa* (brown rice), Panax ginseng extract, Coffea Arabica (green coffee) extract, Astragalus membranaceus* root, Olea europaea* (olive) leaf, Curcuma longa* (turmeric) root, Maltodextrin


The Ritual

Remove makeup and moisten the skin. Place 1/2 tsp of powder in your palm. Wet it and mix with fingers to create a paste. Apply to damp skin alone or mix into your facial cleanser. Massage the powder into the skin for at least 2 to 3 minutes with gentle pressure, avoiding the eye area. When the paste begins to dry, remove it with warm water and gently pat dry. Moisturize to finish the skin. Optimal usage of 2 to 3 times per week.

Please note: the turmeric content in this blend may stain washcloths. Rinsing with simply hands and water will remove the product adequately from skin and avoid damage to linens.

The Blissoma Story

"For every person there are the perfect plants - matches made in ancient times as we evolved alongside one another. This subtle, synergistic bond is a source of tremendous healing and my personal inspiration." - Julie Longyear, Blissoma Founder + Herbal Chemist

Founded by herbal chemist Julie Longyear, Blissoma is led by authenticity and honesty in all that they do. Every one of their creations seeks to restore skin to balance through the sacred relationship between plants and people. The Blissoma team combines cutting-edge chemistry with traditional herbal knowledge for a beautiful synergy that simply works. All Blissoma formulas are biodegradable and they use sustainable, toxin-free preservation methods to protect health and avoid skin irritation. And they purchase ingredients from local organic farms and create all herbal extracts in-house in their St. Louis, Missouri herbal studio. They are able to extract these herbs at customized potencies, which maintains more medicinal compounds from each plant; and these nutritious, raw, whole plant extracts offer concentrated nutrition and deep nourishment to skin.

Small batch. Handmade. Heart-led. Sustainable. Transparent. Filled with integrity. Blissoma is truly a pioneer in the holistic beauty space.