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Founder's Favorites Gift Bundle

Honor Earth Apothecary

Founder's Favorites Gift Bundle


KIND REMINDER: Please ensure your order total is $395+ after the 20% off discount and before shipping for your order to qualify for the gift bundle. If not, the gift bundle will not be included in your order (even if you've added it to your cart). Thank you SO much!

In celebration of Honor Earth Apothecary Turning 4, we are offering a VERY limited-supply gift with purchase bundle! Uniting some of our founder Sara's all-time favorite plant medicine for skin and spirit, these are abundantly earth-revering, plant-led creations brought to life by phenomenal humans who journey through every aspect of life with immense reciprocity, reverence, and integrity. 

Valued at over $248, this 9-piece gift bundle features:

Laurel Skin Cornflower Mask

H is for Love Lip Conditioner

Live Botanical Nourishing Cleansing Oil - 15ml

Forest Folk Fungi Mushroom Immunity

Night Heron Farm Slow Down - 1oz

Tidelands House Fallen Fruit Luminous Nectar Drops - 1oz

Maison/Made Biodynamic Peppermint Hydrosol

Summer Solace Tallow Sea Change Seaweed Tallow Soap

Under Luna Tulsi Bloom Shampoo - 2oz 

It's yours FREE with a purchase of $395+ (after discounts and before shipping). Simply add it to your cart with your other goods ($395+ after the 20% off FOUR YEARS discount) and checkout. 

Please note: this is a very limited-supply gift, so once we are all sold out, that's it for this year! 


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