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Indigo Eye Pillow

Eagle Eye Healing

Indigo Eye Pillow

The Intention

A magical addition to your meditation, self-care, or bedtime ritual, these handmade, hand-dyed, and hand-printed natural indigo and raw silk eye pillows are made with elements that encourage deep states of peace and connect us with our third eye: the inner realms and higher consciousness. Filled with roasted buckwheat for grounding, lavender for relaxing, white sage for cleansing, mugwort for opening the third eye, and a little lapis lazuli bead and blue chalcedony for activating and soothing, these eye pillows gently sooth acupressure points in the eye area - inviting us into expansive states of comfort, calm, and clarity.

1 eye pillow

The Ingredients

Natural indigo on raw silk, soy ink, organic roasted buckwheat, organic lavender, organic white sage, organic mugwort, lapis lazuli

The Ritual

Gently lay over eyelids and breathe deeply.

The Eagle Eye Healing Story
Eagle Eye Healing was founded by Jessi Campbell, a level II Reiki practitioner trained in the Tera Mai Seichem lineage. She has also received a Violet flame attunement as well as a YOD attunement, the first of the 21 Egyptian cartouche initiations. Ever since she was a little girl, she has believed in magic. Always curious. Always imagining. At around 5 or 6 years old, she remembers looking down at her hands and knowing they had healing powers. Her most-loved activities included splashing around in the creek, crushing acorns for potions, air guitar, and pretending to be her favorite animals. Over the years, these first loves have evolved and expanded, but their essence is still the same. From dance to theater, from permaculture and plants to singing and playing drums in a band, from tea ceremony to reiki and eye pillows...and everything in between, her wild passion to facilitate magical transformation is the force behind all her many loves and creative endeavors. All crafted and carried out by her healing hands.