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La Tierra Sagrada


The Intention

A multi-tasking powerhouse, this beautiful oil acts as a scalp treatment for regrowth, rebalancing and dryness, an everyday moisturizing oil for dry or dehydrated hair, and a styling aid to tame frizz and enhance curls and waves. With nutrient-rich and balancing jojoba oil to soothe dryness of the scalp and dandruff, as well as moisturizing the hair and follicles without leaving build up; rice bran oil to nourish the hair and help repair the scalp; and rosemary and lavender to add shine, moisturize, and stimulate hair follicles. And with sustainably harvested palo santo essential oil, the therapeutic scent of this delicious oil provides protection and uplifts the spirit.

2fl oz

The Ingredients

Jojoba oil, rice bran oil, palo santo essential oil, lavender, vitamin E, rosemary essential oil

The Ritual

Apply to wet or dry hair. Massage into scalp for a healing hair treatment. Can be used daily on the ends for hydration and shine.

 The La Tierra Sagrada Story

Founded in 2014 by longtime hairstylist Stefani Padilla, La Tierra Sagrada was birthed into being after Stefani embarked upon a seven-year spiritual journey exploring the extraordinary healing power of plants: working closely with herbalists of the north and curanderos of the south. These plant teachers imparted nature’s wisdom to her; and, coupled with the knowledge she gained from both her work as a stylist and her own personal health issues, La Tierra Sagrada, The Sacred Earth, was born.

Community consciousness, ritual, and sharing experience and wisdom with others all play a central role in both Stefani’s life and the haircare products she creates. She knows how busy life can get, and after recovering from a debilitating autoimmune disorder, how important self-care really is. Stefani created La Tierra Sagrada not only as a means to heal herself, but anyone else looking to restore and enrich their hair’s health and wellbeing through the guiding force of the sacred earth. Her creations strongly encourage creating ritual and intention around your haircare routine…as a force for healing, connection, and transformation.

All La Tierra Sagrada creations are made by hand in small batches in Los Angeles, California. Most ingredients are sourced from within the US, and all ingredients are sourced from suppliers who share the same ethical and sustainability standards in which La Tierra Sagrada believes.