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KAVA ELIXIR // relaxing, uplifting, sensual //

Fat of the Land

KAVA ELIXIR // relaxing, uplifting, sensual //

The Intention

Allowing us a greater capacity to check in and deeply feel, this elixir is a tether for folks who need grounding, and a tool for connection, relaxation, and the sensual - getting into the body and out of the head. With kava, which has traditionally been used ceremonially and recreationally as a relaxing sedative that doesn't impair lucidity or mental clarity, and damiana to offer a unique combination of being both relaxing and stimulating for the nervous system, which is one of the reasons it has been so aptly designated an aphrodisiac. 

1fl oz

The Ingredients

All organic or wild: cane spirits, mountain spring water, fresh kava root, damiana, tulsi, vegetable glycerin + Hudson Valley honey

The Ritual

Take 20 - 40 drops. Can be taken neat or added to beverage of choice.

The Fat of the Land Story

Founded by community herbalist, land steward, and writer based in New York's Hudson Valley, Anja Schwartz Rothe, Fat of the Land's mission is to share and honor the wisdom, magic, and abundance of the land. They aim to promote a cycle of health by nurturing the conviviality of all things. They believe true health is to nourish our bodies, minds, environment, and relationships, and Fat of the Land is an extension of that thought. With a focus on seasonal and bioregional medicine, they hope to empower individuals to take their health into their own hands and foster a sense of connection.