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Moon Butter

Root, Rise.

Moon Butter

The Intention

A thick and luxurious cream to deeply moisturize and illuminate, Moon Butter extends the invitation to take a scoop from the glowing moon. It heals and soothes with a silky smooth texture that’s grounded by herbal allies – all grown in harmony with the earth on Root. Rise.’s beyond-organic, stunning land in northern California – of regenerative and calming lavender, soothing and anti-inflammatory german chamomile, and astringent and relaxing yarrow. These whole plants coalesce with ultra-nourishing shea butter, comforting coconut oil, deeply hydrating aloe vera, and protective local beeswax to create a butter that shines the light on our infinite luminosity as it brings about a sense of peace – both in skin and spirit.


The Ingredients

Lavender* (lavandula officinalis) infused organic sunflower oil, Lavender* (lavandula officinalis) hydrosol, German Chamomile* (Matricaria chamomilla) hydrosol, Yarrow* (Achillea millefolium) hydrosol, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and local beeswax

*organically homegrown in harmony with the earth

The Ritual

Cleanse your face, gently apply moon butter, and massage.

The Root, Rise. Story

Founded by Jess Brown (a truly magical human!), Root, Rise. was brought to life on a truly stunning piece of Northern California land onto which Jess moved with her partner 5 years ago…that led to many new experiences such as gardening, homesteading, and hearing the beauty in nature’s symphony of seasons. Over time she found herself constantly asking questions in her everyday life, like how can I grow this? How can I make this? She wanted either a fresher product, where she knew the origin of the ingredients, or one with fewer ingredients altogether.

This curiosity was part of the reason that Jess and her partner started Happy Hearts Farm in 2016. It was a leap into the unknown: neither of them had worked on a farm, or really grown much food for that matter. Going on year five, they now have some experience under their belts – enough to confidently face the exciting (and not so exciting) challenges ahead. And Jess is always introducing more medicinal herbs to the space…with a hope to grow large amounts within the near future.

What makes Root, Rise. creations so special and powerful? Well, Jess heart-crafts her products in micro batches with the herbs that she grows and harvests seasonally in her Northern California garden. She is not only the maker, but also the grower – the products hold the essence of the relationship between her and the land. She tends, respects, and communes with the land, and in turn it provides magically medicinal material.

She places an emphasis on self-care rituals infused with so much intention and tender care. Her products invite our connection to the earth, and help us to feel whole, loved, and inspired to live a beautiful life.