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Mountain Black Tea
Mountain Black Tea

Earthwise Beauty

Mountain Black Tea

The Intention

Uncommonly rich, broad, smooth, and sweet, Earthwise Beauty’s Mountain Black Tea features tea leaves collected from ancient wild trees all growing one one mountain: the Jingmai in the Yunnan province of China. These trees are said to be at least 500 years old, and this single-origin approach produces a tea that is truly unique: based on the microclimate on the mountain and on the traditional technique of the region.

With an exceptionally rich and malty flavor, this Jingmai black tea is wonderful when brewed strong and served with milk and honey or brewed a bit less strongly for a deliciously smooth delight.

Mountain Black Tea is calming to the mind and is believed to increase longevity in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Black tea and other fermented teas are recommended by Chinese herbalists to detoxify the skin from within, and to clear problems such as rashes and eczema.

And packaged in a clear bag (housed in a Forest Stewardship Council-certified box) made from cellulose derived from renewable, sustainably harvested wood pulp and 100% compostable and marine degradable (meaning it will break down not only in landfills, but also in marine environments), this tea is as earth-loving as it delicious, nourishing, and steeped in plant wisdom.


The Ingredients

Whole large leaves of Camellia sinensis from tea trees over 500 years old. Fermented 80–85%.

Origin: Jingmai Mountain, Yunnan, China.

The Ritual

Measure out ½ to 2 tablespoons of tea leaves (4 to 5 grams per 12 fl. oz/354 ml of water) and place inside a teapot, tea mug, or French press. Brew using filtered, freshly boiled water (the ideal brewing temperature for this tea is 195 degrees F/90 degrees C). Steep, covered, for 1 to 3 minutes only (experiment), then strain. Add a sweetener of choice and milk if desired. The same tea leaves may be brewed up to five times, for the flavor and antioxidants (subsequent brews contain much less caffeine than the first brew). Add one extra minute to the second brew, and one more extra minute to the third brew, etc. To learn a brewing method that results in a tea with very little caffeine, look up the Gong Fu Cha method.

If you plan to use your tea over a period of time longer than one year, store it in an airtight glass or porcelain container away from light exposure.  

The Earthwise Beauty Story

Founded by herbalist, flower essence practitioner, and studying aromatherapist, Ava Zhan, Earthwise Beauty was built upon a lifetime love of skincare products and immersion in nutritional and herbal healing, homeopathy, and aromatherapy.

When she lived in New York City in her early 20s, she worked at a book publisher and would create products in the evenings with ingredients from the local health food store. Soon her coworkers were begging her to make products for them, and her nights were filled to the brim with crafting products. And, so, the spark for Earthwise Beauty was born.

Now with a deep focus on freshness, purity, quality, and luxury, and based in Spokane, Washington, Earthwise Beauty has evolved into a small-batch, organic skincare line based on alive, unrefined, plant-based ingredients with a commitment to preserving the life force contained within the plants. And sourcing is paramount: Ava has close partnerships with organic gardeners, two beekeepers, and a small handful of essential oil and hydrosol suppliers and distillers (who are all dedicated to authenticity, purity, freshness, and organic and sustainability standards). Earthwise Beauty also stays focused on their pro-environment practices and fair trade commitment, and their passion for sustainability informs everything they do: from ingredient selection and product development to packaging and shipping materials. They also have set up an ongoing quarterly donation program to nonprofit organizations that not only spread the word about man-caused damage to the planet earth, its climate, and its fauna and flora, but that have the know-how to effect real changes.