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Mushroom Magic Ghee

Goddess Ghee

Mushroom Magic Ghee

The Intention

A medicinal mushroom ghee blend for boosting energy levels and immunity, Mushroom Magic features organic mushroom extracts of calming and spirit-soothing reishi, brain and nerve protecting lion’s mane, immune-boosting and antioxidant powerhouse chaga, core energizing and revitalizing cordyceps, and immune-strengthening and nourishing maitake.

An ancient recipe of grass-fed high vitamin butter oil, Ghee is made by slowly simmering butter until the moisture evaporates and the milk solids/proteins are toasted and separated (making it lactose and casein free as well!). Exceptionally healthy and providing deep nourishment, ghee made from cultured butter from the milk of grass-fed cows is loaded with highly bioavailable vitamins A, D, E, and K, and is rich in butyric acid, which supports a healthy gut microbiome and a balanced gastrointestinal system.

The butter source for all Goddess Ghee creations is Banner Butter, a regional source of grass-fed and cultured butter churned in Atlanta, Georgia. Small-batch butter made with patiently-cultured cream from cows that graze in green pastures on small farms – and thus receive complete nutrition - and are never dosed with hormones, Banner Butter’s cream is unbelievably fresh and ripened for many hours. This process allows good bacteria to form, which gives the butter its complex buttery undertones and phenomenal taste.


Produced in a certified kitchen near Asheville, North Carolina. No refrigeration necessary; shelf stable many months after opening. Lactose and casein free.

The Ingredients

Unsalted + cultured grass-fed butter blended with organic mushroom extracts of red reishi, lion’s mane, chaga, cordyceps, maitake; all organic ceylon cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and topped with whole star anise

The Ritual

Delicious blended with warmed milk, hot water, herbal tea, or coffee; substituted 1:1 for butter/oil in baked goods, or enjoyed straight from the jar! 

The Goddess Ghee Story

Based in the heart of Appalachia, Goddess Ghee was birthed in 2015 after Marion Hearth asked herself the question, “What am I already doing/creating that I can make more of to share more gifts with my community?” Ghee was the obvious answer. Marion had been making ghee each moon cycle since the birth of her first baby just two years earlier, and ghee was the one staple in her kitchen that she didn’t let run dry. Marion began slowly: selling at farmer’s markets with a baby wrapped on her and a toddler running around - not imagining that Goddess Ghee would outgrow her in the ways She has. Marion is passionate about being an integral piece of Earth, food as medicine, resilient and sovereign living, primal motherhood, the arts, ritual, magic, and mysticism. Devoted to sharing this medicine and holding a vision of supporting a beautiful and simple way of life, Marion hopes that this medicine nourishes everyone it touches.

The Goddess Ghee team is a family…a sisterhood…a collective. They believe in a business model that highlights their individual gifts, creates space for rest, and inspires self-driven motivation. They know what a difference it makes to feel valued, loved, and respected, and they hope the joy of their team makes it into every bite of ghee.