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Organic Cotton Hair Ties - Black/Brown
Organic Cotton Hair Ties - Black/Brown


Organic Cotton Hair Ties - Black/Brown

The Intention

The most sustainable hair ties we've ever found! Made from 100% biodegradable materials, these organic cotton, organically-dyed, plastic-free hair ties are not only consciously-crafted, but also incredibly durable and strong, while also being gentle enough to not cause any creasing. 

They are made in a Fair Trade certified social-good garment facility in Southern India. The facility is owned and operated by nuns and profits are used to fund a cancer treatment facility for those without access to care.

5 ties per pack

The Materials

70% GOTS certified Organic Cotton, 30% Natural Rubber. Hand-dyed using GOTS and OEKO-TEX dyes.

The Care

Wash cold with like colors; lay flat to dry. Due to the hand-dyeing process, may run on the first wash, so be sure to wash with like colors.

The Kooshoo Story

Founded by husband and wife duo and yoga teachers, Jesse and Rachel, KOOSHOO aims to help others feel good: from the individuals growing the crops through to the end consumer. They operate their business with the core values of honesty, transparency, and love. The KOOSHOO team is dedicated to finding and working alongside ethical and sustainable companies in the fashion industry...leading to working with family businesses in LA and India that weave, dye, cut, sew, and package their products. They're incredibly proud - and committed - to use Fair Trade certified garment facilities and organic cotton crops, ensuring workers through the supply chain are treated like family.


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