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Apis Apotheca


The Intention

Inspired by a traditional folk-herbal tradition of blending herb-infused honey with herb-infused vinegar to create a well-rounded, phytonutrient-rich medicine, OxyMiel feeds skin with antioxidant-rich elderberries and soothing chamomile blossoms slowly infused into raw Hudson Valley honey. Blended with raw apple cider vinegar infused with locally-grown vitamin and mineral packed oats and nettles, as well as a natural AHA blend, a gentle overnight skin exfoliant is created that feeds your epidermis with vital nutrients while helping to dissolve thickened sebum which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Used regularly and blended with a moisturizer at nighttime, the natural enzymes and glycolic and acetic acids contained in honey and raw apple cider vinegar help to smooth skin, while the whole plant infusions help to restore properly-functioning skin immunity.


The Ingredients

Raw Hudson Valley honey, elderberries*, chamomile*, raw apple cider vinegar, local organic nettles, local organic milky oats, willow extract, natural AHA complex (vegetable glycerin, malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid)

*Organically grown on Apis Apotheca's Germantown, New York medicinal herb farm 

The Ritual

Blend 1-2 drops with your nighttime oil or balm in your hand and smooth over skin that is cleansed and damp from a hydrosol/toner. 

The Apis Apotheca Story
Founded and run by farmers, herbalists, and educators who feel a duty to uphold traditions of equitable access to safe herbal medicine and knowledge, Apis Apotheca creations are brought to life by Aviva Skye Tilson, who comes from a farming background and is a certified community herbalist. Aviva has spent a decade healing herself through working with plants and animals, and has always loved skincare. The Apis Apotheca line represents her combined years of field experience, academic research, and endless experimentation.
The Apis Apotheca team runs an organic medicinal herb farm in Germantown, New York, where they grow 98% of the plants that they use in their products.  This means they have precise control of the vibrancy of the plants going into their formulas. The love with which they grow the plants undoubtedly makes its presence known in their high quality, fresh, efficacious products.