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Self-Heal + Mica Earth Alchemy Elixir

One Willow Apothecaries

Self-Heal + Mica Earth Alchemy Elixir

The Intention

Recognize your inner brilliance and be free

All healing comes from within, it is as natural to our being as a wildflower to a meadow or a stone to a stream.  Inside each of us grows all the medicine we will ever need, we must only develop the ability to see ourselves more clearly.

Crafted from the nurturing combination of two wild Appalachian medicines, Self Heal + Mica is a vibrational elixir to guide you through a new era of self-recognition and organic healing. As an essence, Self Heal flower reinvigorates our belief in our own ability to heal, emboldening us to recognize that no matter how much we have endured, we still have the power to become whole. Often found glittering freely in the soil beneath this profound herb, Mica is a mineral of great love and self-reflexivity. A multilayered stone of mirror-like light, Mica brings us into a uniquely celebratory relationship with our multifaceted self. Known in Chinese medicine as a sacred mirror, Mica works to reflect back to us our inherent worthiness and inner-brilliance, encouraging us to recognize ourselves for the divine beings that we truly are. Together, this supportive combination allows us to gaze with gratitude into the mirror of our lives, brightening our awareness so that we may see every obstacle or disappointment as a divine source of reflective communication. A soulful ally for anyone on the journey of self love, inner reconciliation and personal healing, Self Heal + Mica shows us the presence of a light that never wavers.

Illumination, like a fleck of mirror in a fast-flowing stream, can only appear when we stop to bear witness. Just as we stand opposite ourselves in a hand glass, Self Heal + Mica shows us that when we peer with loving clarity into the mirror of our own lives we become free.

0.5fl oz

The Ingredients

Essences of Mica stone & Self Heal flowers (Prunella vulgaris), Artisan Apple Brandy & Spring Water

The Ritual

Take 1-4 drops in water or directly on the tongue whenever the self calls.

The One Willow Apothecaries Story

Founded by herbalist, reiki master, writer, teacher, medicine maker, and seeker, Asia Suler, One Willow Apothecaries is a gathering place for learning, healing, and connection with the living world. Asia has created an online sanctuary to help us establish a deep relationship with the earth - beginning with nurturing the well of our own self-compassion. Through handcrafted earth medicine, in-person retreats, and online learning journeys, she offers portals into understanding our own unique medicine through a joyful engagement with the natural world. 

Residing in the Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina, the ancestral lands of the Cherokee, and some of the most ancient coves on earth, Asia honors that the land, and all the spirits in the seen and unseen that nourish its life force, make so much of her work possible. 

And she offers this work because at one point in time it saved her spirit. Her own journey began after early years of chronic pain and illness, including a condition called vulvodynia and Lyme disease. The experience - which pushed her into a deep search for healing, both within and without - led her to the altar of the green world and an understanding that truly everything is meaningful. Everyone is good. Everything is medicine. So am I. And so are you.