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Shaman's Coat: Visioning Elixir

One Willow Apothecaries

Shaman's Coat: Visioning Elixir

The Intention

Journey Far 

In the twilight of winter, the space between the worlds is as thin as a crystal of frost. All it takes is the slightest warmth of our intentions, and a good traveling coat, and the boundaries can simply dissolve.

An elixir for inner travels and exploratory consciousness, Shaman’s Coat is an incandescent concoction of three snow white crystals. Known for their ability to stimulate our higher chakras, this trio of stones acts as a guide, illuminating the paths of our journeys like Orion in the wintertime sky. An elixir to invoke psychic visions, shamanic quests, and interdimensional travel, Shaman’s Coat enhances our ability to see beyond the confines of our current vision and experience the deeper undercurrents of consciousness in the living world. Crafted to inspire soulful understanding, Shaman’s Coat opens the doors of communication with the devic, angelic, and faery realms. Infused outside in a moon-lit forest and preserved with artisanal white brandy, this bright elixir cleanses our environment, preparing the spirit for transcendence as swiftly as newly fallen snow. Ascension, exploration, and connection to the beyond— take a few drops of this clarifying elixir and travel with a cheerful resonance through the most visionary worlds.

0.5fl oz

The Ingredients

Stone Essences of Danburite, Azeztulite, and Apopthylite, artisanal white brandy 

North Carolina Azeztulite: A surprising quartz first discovered in ancient Appalachia, Azeztulite is named for the star people who were said to have planted this ally on our earth. Azeztulite aids us in tapping into alternate realities— the parallels universes of Quantam physics, the intelligence of planets outside our earth, and the worlds that lies beneath and between our own.

Apophyllite: A fairy crystal, this feathery bright stone helps to open the bright doors to communication with the faery world and the devic realm. An evocative crystal for nature spirits and plant communication, Apophyllite opens imperceptible doors to the natural world.

Danburite: A crystal as clear as glass, Danburite works as a staircase, providing a spiraling pathway to connect to our higher consciousness and celestial realms. Danburite elevates our awareness to the height of the heavens so we can be in concert with other realms. 

The Ritual

Take 1-10 drops in water, hot pine tea, or directly on the tongue to travel far.

The One Willow Apothecaries Story

Founded by herbalist, reiki master, writer, teacher, medicine maker, and seeker, Asia Suler, One Willow Apothecaries is a gathering place for learning, healing, and connection with the living world. Asia has created an online sanctuary to help us establish a deep relationship with the earth - beginning with nurturing the well of our own self-compassion. Through handcrafted earth medicine, in-person retreats, and online learning journeys, she offers portals into understanding our own unique medicine through a joyful engagement with the natural world. 

Residing in the Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina, the ancestral lands of the Cherokee, and some of the most ancient coves on earth, Asia honors that the land, and all the spirits in the seen and unseen that nourish its life force, make so much of her work possible. 

And she offers this work because at one point in time it saved her spirit. Her own journey began after early years of chronic pain and illness, including a condition called vulvodynia and Lyme disease. The experience - which pushed her into a deep search for healing, both within and without - led her to the altar of the green world and an understanding that truly everything is meaningful. Everyone is good. Everything is medicine. So am I. And so are you.