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Sister Ivy

One Willow Apothecaries

Sister Ivy

The Intention

Open to a newfound freedom and release your hardest lessons

Within every blister, be it physical or emotional, is a deep lesson that is asking to be realized. Sister Ivy (or Poison Ivy) helps us to integrate the gifts of learning that come from the hardest moments in our lives, opening up our consciousness so that we may recognize all things as teachers. Ivy encourages us to approach the messages inherent to any given situation, especially those that are particularly painful, difficult and hard, so that we may learn from it and ultimately move on. The most dramatic healing will often arise from the deepest wound. Sister Ivy clears a space of groundedness and safety so that we may do the type of soul work and release that can generate a whole new era of fulfillment and freedom.

A provocateur, as well as a teacher, Sister Ivy encourages us to examine the thin line we draw between poison and medicine. What situations do you avoid out of discomfort that might actually be powerful agents for growth? And what are the things in our lives that we perceive to be medicine, but might actually be poisoning our potential? Ivy helps us to recognize our own power to “right our relationships”— with both the world at large and our own selves. No other being on earth is allergic to this fiercely protective plant, human beings alone are the special students of this sacred teacher. Sister Ivy aids us in recognizing how our unconscious actions or thoughts can damage our bodies and minds and limit our incredibly expansive potential for healing.

When we integrate the hard-knock lessons of our lives, including the one that Sister Ivy herself can bring, we make way for a powerful surge of intention, energy, creative control and growth. In the process we can experience dramatic healing— of old wounds, traumas, and even allergies. Once we recognize our lessons we are free to move on to whole new levels of thinking, being, experiencing and interacting with the world. With integration comes release. Far from the barrier we perceive her to be, Sister Ivy is an essence that ultimately teaches us how to be free.

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The Ingredients

Essence of sister ivy (Toxicodendron radicans), gluten-free artisan apple brandy, purified water

The Ritual

Take 1-4 drops up to 4x per day directly onto the tongue or in a glass of water. You can also massage the essence directly onto your skin (the wrists, heart center, and temples are lovely places to try). 

*Please use caution: This is a high dilute, homeopathic-grade remedy of Sister Ivy flower water (less than 1 part per million). Most individuals will not have an allergenic response to such vibrational medicine; however, all people have different experiences and sensitivities. If you are highly allergic to Toxicodendron radicans, please consider beginning with a one drop dosage in a cup of water sipped throughout the day and monitor any sensations you experience.

The One Willow Apothecaries Story

Founded by herbalist, reiki master, writer, teacher, medicine maker, and seeker, Asia Suler, One Willow Apothecaries is a gathering place for learning, healing, and connection with the living world. Asia has created an online sanctuary to help us establish a deep relationship with the earth - beginning with nurturing the well of our own self-compassion. Through handcrafted earth medicine, in-person retreats, and online learning journeys, she offers portals into understanding our own unique medicine through a joyful engagement with the natural world. 

Residing in the Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina, the ancestral lands of the Cherokee, and some of the most ancient coves on earth, Asia honors that the land, and all the spirits in the seen and unseen that nourish its life force, make so much of her work possible. 

And she offers this work because at one point in time it saved her spirit. Her own journey began after early years of chronic pain and illness, including a condition called vulvodynia and Lyme disease. The experience - which pushed her into a deep search for healing, both within and without - led her to the altar of the green world and an understanding that truly everything is meaningful. Everyone is good. Everything is medicine. So am I. And so are you.