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Snake Skin Scrub

Meraki Nomad

Snake Skin Scrub

The Intention

A medicinal, botanical infused body scrub to serve as your ally during times of letting go, change, and transformation. To physically and energetically shed old layers of yourself that no longer serve you, just as snakes do. Allow these plants to activate the body, clear + cleanse, move stagnation, heal wounds, relax tension, regenerate your inner + outer layers, and guide you back to yourself + your purpose.

With powerfully activating and circulation-flowing angelica, clearing and antioxidant-rich ginger, deeply purifying and calming white sage, transformative and nourishing cacao, tension-relieving and spirit soothing kava kava, vibrantly healing and radiant calendula, regenerative and nurturing comfrey, nutrient-rich and grounding nettle, toning and refreshing sea clay, and cleansing and renewing sea salt.


The Ingredients

Angelica*, Cacao*, Kava Kava*, Ginger*, White Sage* (farm grown), Comfrey*, Calendula*, Nettle*, Sea Clay, Wild Pacific Sea Salt, Olive Oil*~+, Sunflower Oil*, Vitamin E Oil*

*Organic / ~Cold Pressed / +Unrefined 

The Ritual

Create sacred space in your shower or outside with earth + water. Wet your body and cover yourself in Snake Skin. Close your eyes & take a few deep breaths, feel the plants infusing into you. When you are ready, state out loud all you wish to shed, release, and transform. Gently scrub it all away + lovingly rinse. And it is done. Feel your new vessel, light + beaming with life. Thank the plants for their medicine.

The Meraki Nomad Story

Founded by herbalist and daughter of the plants Adrienne Fisher, Meraki Nomad is a plant spirit artisan apothecary offering botanical infused medicines for ritual, healing, and beauty.

With a butterfly spirit, Adrienne moves nomadically about; living on the road, learning, sharing, and growing with the ways of the land. She grew up in a small river town in Florida where she was raised by the sun, trucked barefoot in the mud collecting treasures at low tide, and journeyed through the woods talking with the Pine trees. Adrienne is trained in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing, Sacred Plant Medicine, Holistic Healing, and Traditional Herbalism. She creates each of her offerings through meditations with the plants and from personal healing experiences with them, which she then humbly shares with community.

All Meraki Nomad creations are handmade by Adrienne using ancient practices and alchemized in an intimate ceremonial communion with the plants as they guide and weave their wisdom through each medicine. All of the plants, oils, tools, and packaging are organic and carefully sourced directly from farms and suppliers within the US with sustainability, respect, and quality in heart and mind.