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Timeless Vitamin C Reconstruction Concentrate
Timeless Vitamin C Reconstruction Concentrate


Timeless Vitamin C Reconstruction Concentrate

The Intention

Complete nourishment is abounding with this luxurious oil serum that provides vitamins C and E to multiply antioxidant benefits and slow the march of time to a crawl. Timeless includes a potent, bioavailable fruit seed oil base with an effective level of stabilized, deeply penetrating vitamin C in the form of Ascorbyl Palmitate. The base oils to carry this vitamin C include antioxidant-powerhouse, protective, and soothing pomegranate oil, rebuilding and moisturizing chia seed oil, conditioning and antioxidant-rich blackberry seed and baobab oils, and emollient sesame oil. And the addition of tocopherols (vitamin E) from non-GMO sources acts as the superhero sidekick to support the vitamin C in renewing and multiplying their combined antioxidant benefits. Together, they magnify the look of brightness so skin appears more even in tone and lighter than ever before.


The Ingredients

Punica granatum* (pomegranate) seed Oil, Salvia hispanica (Chia) seed Oil, Rubus fruticosus (blackberry) seed Oil, Adansonia digitata* (baobab) Oil, Sesamum indicum* (sesame) seed Oil, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Soy Lecithin*, Tocopherol (vitamin E)


The Ritual

Shake product well to mix active ingredients thoroughly (separation occurs while product is sitting). Dispense several drops of oil and pat gently around eye area and face twice per day for maximum results.

Usage note: If your daily routine includes extensive sun exposure we recommend using this product primarily at night or using a zinc-based sunscreen to reflect UVB rays. One scientific study has found that Ascorbyl Palmitate may not remain stable within skin when it is exposed to UVB rays. We are not aware of studies duplicating these results at this time but as this is a potent, penetrating active ingredient, we would recommend being conscious of sun exposure when using this product to get the absolute best benefit. 

The Blissoma Story

"For every person there are the perfect plants - matches made in ancient times as we evolved alongside one another. This subtle, synergistic bond is a source of tremendous healing and my personal inspiration." - Julie Longyear, Blissoma Founder + Herbal Chemist

Founded by herbal chemist Julie Longyear, Blissoma is led by authenticity and honesty in all that they do. Every one of their creations seeks to restore skin to balance through the sacred relationship between plants and people. The Blissoma team combines cutting-edge chemistry with traditional herbal knowledge for a beautiful synergy that simply works. All Blissoma formulas are biodegradable and they use sustainable, toxin-free preservation methods to protect health and avoid skin irritation. And they purchase ingredients from local organic farms and create all herbal extracts in-house in their St. Louis, Missouri herbal studio. They are able to extract these herbs at customized potencies, which maintains more medicinal compounds from each plant; and these nutritious, raw, whole plant extracts offer concentrated nutrition and deep nourishment to skin.

Small batch. Handmade. Heart-led. Sustainable. Transparent. Filled with integrity. Blissoma is truly a pioneer in the holistic beauty space.