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Everyday Rituals: Cortney Herrera of Wildcare

A mama of two, founder + plant intuitive behind the beloved line Wildcare, and a breath of fresh air, Cortney Herrera is always inspiring us to connect with the earth - and, in turn, ourselves - more deeply. She embodies authenticity, radiance, and integrity...staying committed to living her truth and following her heart so she may show up with the deepest love and compassion for herself, her family, and the world. Here she offers a peek into her everyday rituals: the rituals that reside in the in-between moments, helping her to stay grounded and resilient in an ever-changing world. Her rituals, like Cortney herself, invite us to welcome in gratitude for all that is and to explore that peace is not something we find outside of ourselves, but something innately within that we can tap into at any moment.


What is a beloved morning ritual?

Mornings are a little tricky. I'm a mama of 2 kiddos under 5 and the reality is, it's still easy for me to forgo all of my ideal rituals and get right to cooking breakfast in a daze, tidying, setting up for homeschool studies and going over my Wildcare to-do list. Lately, I've been in practice with starting with a Hydrosol to wake me up first from bed; Lemon Light is one with a zing that I love to wake up with. What's also been working for me is starting with tea and incorporating the kids in this morning motion. Everyone gets their own tiny teacup, we choose herb blends together, we wait while it steeps and talk to each other about dreams, sometimes we read and then we sip slowly. Having a slow moving activity helps to create a slower pace, a grounded body and a focused mind as I transition out of my dream space which can feel challenging for me to integrate at times! Most days though, my 5 year old brings his keyboard out and starts playing preset chords on the 'rock' or 'heavy metal' setting at full volume. This is real life!


You are a mama to two brilliant little ones. How has self-care transformed since journeying into motherhood?

Self care has transformed from overindulgence to a focus on stillness, breath and feeling full. This more often looks like nourishing myself well with more balanced meals and snacks to sustain my energy, and opting for the closeness of our garden instead of the need to escape further away to find peace. Becoming a mother meant relearning about the woman I've emerged into and discovering that self-care isn't a result of any monetary influx, it's a direct iteration of having enough dedication for the body that carried life, with reverence for my own.


What has become a non-negotiable everyday ritual for you?

Drinking 32 oz of salted mineral water - more when I remember.


What self-care have you recently integrated into your everyday life that is really resonating in this season of life?

Making space to daydream. Having moments where nothing is planned, where I can sit alone in quietude with zero agenda, zero to-do lists and just gaze. I usually have a magnetic focal point of a maple tree I spot from my bedroom window right on the outskirts of our garden. I love taking quiet time to daze and watch it through each season. Most times when I create this intentional spaciousness, I notice a large influx of daydreams, writing and messages flow through me. In the past, I never understood how much creating a quiet practice influenced my work in the world!


What is something you do in the evening that helps to bring on the calm?

Watering the garden during sunset followed by a foot soak about 3x a week with an herb blend I've been working on and tulsi/skullcap/rose tea. A few times a month I'll do a castor oil belly massage at night and some cupping on myself. On lucky nights, my husband brings out our massage table and I let myself receive. Best $40 craigslist purchase, yipeeee.


What is a ritual you infuse into the in-betweens? You know, the small moments throughout the day that can really help to shift our experience if we allow them.

Pausing for water - in the past, it's been one of the most challenging things for me in this lifetime to remember, and fortunately one of the most easily accessible things to support myself. I'm in the process of retraining my body to want it and my mind to remember it, and have noticed a huge shift of mental and physical experiences by doing so.


How important is taking care of yourself in relation to how you show up in the world?

Like I imagine all living beings feel, if we're not prioritizing our own vibrant wellness, in my experience, it makes showing up for others/the world a taxing experience leading to burnout, lack of boundaries and resentment. Taking care of ourselves supports the whole; when we are vibrantly nourished, I feel like more times than not, we'll attract more experiences and people of that force of vibrancy.


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