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Welcome. I'm so happy you're here. My name is Sara and I'm the founder of Honor Earth Apothecary. 
I began my natural beauty and wellness journey synchronistically. In 2012, I quit my Fortune 500 business development job and moved cross-country from Florida to Los Angeles to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and start my own fine jewelry line. But the road to this dream transformed me so deeply that it was no longer my dream. The journey of leaping into the unknown, transcending fears, and forging my own path allowed me to become so expansively discover my soul's passions and heart's truths. 
It was in 2013 that I was led to the power of plants. A renowned Ayurvedic doctor helped me alleviate rosacea symptoms, and get to the root of my issues, holistically and naturally after over 6 months of allopathic treatments rendering unsuccessful results. I was unequivocally convinced of the wisdom of the plant kingdom and approaching wellness from a holistic perspective. I realized - upon self-directed continuing education - that a naturalist approach to health, beauty, and life was one of my heart's deepest passions.
Fast forward 4 years, and in 2017 I became a mama. It shifted my world in ways that no words will ever be able to convey. It was with this that I was born anew myself; and with this rebirth of sorts, I felt the plants speaking to me in a new way. To go deeper. To get closer to the source in every way possible. For the health not only of my little family, but for the health of the environment and the earth. I wanted to nurture Mother Earth in any way I could - to provide not only an example for our daughter, but to maybe, just maybe, help make a difference in the wellbeing of our planet.
Natural products and remedies were no longer my sole focus. I wanted to go beyond. Beyond natural. Beyond healthy. I focused on sourcing: it became paramount. Obtaining herbs for teas directly from organic farms. Introducing tinctures, hydrosols, and aura mists into my routine that were so lovingly made by herbalists tending to the herbs themselves on their own beyond-organic land. Supporting brands that worked directly with farmers who cared so intimately for not only their plants, but for the soil from which they came. Using creations that were cultivated in a way that considered sustainability and the health of the earth every step of the way. I began to focus on supporting intentional makers who - from seed to bottle - are committed to the most integrity-filled sourcing, transparency within the supply chain, and sustainability in all business practices. In every aspect of my life as a conscious consumer, I have become mindful of how my choices - and the choices of every maker I choose to support - impact Mother Earth.
And my heart kept whispering to share these makers and their phenomenal, heart-centered, earth-revering creations with others. I desired to create a sacred space where people could come and explore wellness and healthy beauty products that resonate with them, all the while knowing that what they are bringing into their life is supporting Mother Earth as well. And so, out of a love for this earth, small-batch + intentional makers, and with a desire to delve deeper into the transformative power of self-care every day, Honor Earth Apothecary was born.
May these plant-led, heart-crafted goods nurture your heart. May they nourish your soul. May they welcome you home to yourself.
With love and gratitude,