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Winter Wonders

As the sun seems to stand still and the weather cools, we welcome in this changing tide with a calling for rest, restoration, and warmth.

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Plant-Led. Earth-Revering. Heart-Crafted.

Honor Earth is a collective of holistic beauty + wellness makers creating in reciprocity and harmony with Mother Earth. Beyond natural or organic. And into the realm of communing with nature and honoring the deep wisdom of plants. Sourcing is paramount and at the core of all the goods curated at Honor Earth. We explore how creations are brought to life - from seed to bottle - and collaborate with makers who are committed to the most regenerative + soulful sourcing, transparency in the supply chain, and sustainability in all processes. Every step of the way, we are mindful of how our intentional makers' choices - and our own - impact the Earth.

Maker Spotlight

Live Botanical

Founded by expansively wise herbalist Carolyn McRory, the heart of Live Botanical is the intense desire to connect more with Mother Nature. With in-house whole plant infusions and hydrosols, direct-from-the-farmer botanicals, and a focus on minimizing their carbon footprint by sourcing as locally to their Portland, Oregon studio as possible, Live Botanical believes the path to a more sustainable society is to encourage conservation through compassion: we must see ourselves in nature and nature within ourselves to shift mindsets.

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Founded by longtime esthetician Justine Kahn after eight years of working in spas and realizing she couldn’t do all she wanted for her clients’ skin with the ingredients and products available to her, Botnia is a line of powerhouse creations featuring plants grown and tended to on Botnia’s own microfarm in Sausalito, California. They create in-house infusions, macerations, extracts, and hydrosols; and if they’re not able to grow it, they source as locally as possible and seek out the same organic farming practices they use on their farm.

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Goddess Ghee

Founded by Marion Hearth and based in the heart of Appalachia, Goddess Ghee was birthed in 2015 after Marion asked herself, “What am I already creating that I can make more of to share more gifts with my community?” Ghee was the answer; she had been making ghee each moon cycle since the birth of her first baby just two years earlier. Goddess Ghee is true, vibrant, caramelized butter oil made from cultured, grass-fed butter using an ancient recipe. It’s exceptionally healthy, deeply nourishing, versatile, and oh so yummy.

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