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Everyday Rituals: Jess Arnaudin of Ritual Skin Studio

A mama of two, holistic esthetician, co-founder of Ritual Skin Studio, author of Plant-Based Beauty, and overall phenomenal human, Jess Arnaudin is a constant source of inspiration, wisdom, and truth. She exudes authenticity and lives in deep integrity...staying committed to showing up for herself with grace, compassion, and love so she may show up for her daughters and the rest of the world with the same. Here she offers a glimpse into some of her everyday rituals: the rituals that reside in the in-between moments, the ones that keep her grounded and embodied in an ever-changing world. Her rituals, like Jess herself, inspire us to survey what brings us joy within ourselves and how we can show up to every moment with a little more presence.


What is a beloved morning ritual?

Mornings at our house are a frenzy of hustle bustle, especially during the week, but one morning ritual that I rarely abandon is swishing with the happy gum drops oil from Living Libations followed by using my tongue scraper. I know it isn’t the most glamorous ritual, but it's the practical one that I always make time for because it truly makes me feel like I’m starting the day with a clean slate. After that, I drink a full glass of water before even thinking about reaching for matcha or coffee. 

You are a mama to two brilliant girls. How has self-care transformed since journeying into motherhood? 

My husband and I often laugh and wonder what we did with all of our time before having kids?! Self-care used to mean going for a massage, acupuncture, checking out a new restaurant for brunch, booking a mani-pedi – now, it feels like an accomplishment when I remember to sit down to feed myself. The biggest shift for me is the realization that “self-care” is not out there somewhere, waiting to be purchased or consumed, it’s an inside job, found in the everyday moments –  a deep honest breath, closing my eyes to be present and feel the sunlight on my skin, dropping down onto the living room floor for a few cat/cow yoga stretches. It’s amazing how nourishing those little moments can feel when you wake up to their power.  

What has become a non-negotiable everyday ritual for you?

Being a holistic esthetician living so close to the equator, a non-negotiable for me is always sunscreen. I do not fear the sun, but have reverence and respect for its intensity. I love being outside in nature, so layering on SPF each morning makes me feel more at ease and prepared for whatever adventure the day brings. I’m currently wearing and loving the tinted SPF from Kari Gran, it feels like an extension of my skincare and I love how it glides on. 

What self-care have you recently integrated into your everyday that is really resonating in this season of life?

Despite the fact that I love coffee, I’m finally accepting that coffee does not always love me back. Digestive issues, dramatic spikes and drops in energy, anxious feelings and restlessness are all side effects of this elixir which I adore. So to compromise, I’ve turned to matcha lately because it still gives me the creative boost and alertness that I crave, but it feels much more subtle and gentle on my body. There are so many matcha varieties out there, I always enjoy one from Forest Folk Fungi because it’s blended with lion's mane mushroom and coconut so it whisks into a creamy swirl in one fell swoop. 

What is a ritual you infuse into the in-betweens? You know, the small moments throughout the day that can really help to shift our experience if we allow them.

Yes, those in-betweens are what carry me through to the finish line most days! Toning mists are the first thing that comes to mind. Pausing for a moment to refresh my skin with a mist gives my skin a drink of moisture midday and also permission to pause, an aromatic physical reminder to breathe deeply. 

How important is taking care of yourself in relation to how you show up in the world?

Personally, I’ve realized that I will be a better parent when I am taking the time to care for myself and prioritize my own joy. Sometimes stepping out for a yoga class and leaving the kids home with Dad feels like a Herculean task, especially when my 3-year old is clinging to my leg begging me to stay. However, I know that walking out that door IS actually caring for them, because it refuels me. I know I’ll be more engaged and patient when I return. I believe our kids need to see us caring for ourselves, because it models for them how to listen to and meet their own needs when the time comes. I know we’ve heard it so many times now it may seem cliche, but it really is true, you can’t pour from an empty cup. 


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