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Biodynamic Coffee of the Cosmos
Biodynamic Coffee of the Cosmos


Biodynamic Coffee of the Cosmos

The Intention

ZENBUNNI's Coffee of the Cosmos is sourced only from fair-trade, regenerative, and certified biodynamic farms that work in harmony with nature and the cycles of the stars and moon. These planet-healing methods of agriculture regenerate soil fertility, enhance biodiversity, and utilize compost in a self-sustaining ecosystem. With notes of chocolate, caramel, and a touch of citrus peel, this beautiful, omnidegradable pouch of coffee is roasted to exacting specifications in coordination with a family-run roaster that works exclusively with organic and fair-trade coffee farmers with the goal of retaining the abundance of antioxidants and B Vitamins so often lost in traditional roasts. 

A coffee that's not only beneficial for our body, but also for the earth. Count us in. 


The Ingredients

100% Demeter Certified Biodynamic(r) Arabica Coffee Beans


Communing with nature and creating magic in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains in California, Zen & Bunni, the founders behind their eponymous line, are committed to the highest standards in regenerative and sustainable practices in business and life. From plant-based packaging of their creations to the way they rigorously screen their ingredients, they consider their coffee and incense as vehicles for self-care, education, symbiotic awareness, and community. They believe that through conscious use of currency, we can bring about great change. Through education, awareness, and action, we can each begin to play a pivotal role in shifting the landscape and regenerating our Earth.