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Coffee + Reishi Eye Serum

Lala Earth

Coffee + Reishi Eye Serum

The Intention

Smelling like coffee with a touch of earth, this brightening and deeply nourishing eye serum is slowly infused with organic, freshly ground local Vermont coffee, ethically wild-harvested reishi mushroom, arnica flowers, eyebright, licorice root, and rosemary. Known for their antioxidant content, these powerful ingredients exhibit the ability to brighten dark circles, calm inflammation and puffiness, and smooth and prevent fine lines. 

The caffeine in coffee works to soothe and brighten eyes, while reishi mushroom's antioxidant, deeply nourishing, and rapid healing capabilities are synergistically enhanced by its amalgamation with the coffee (it is believed that a lot of the properties of reishi mushroom are more active with the help of caffeine). With the addition of eyebright - a wonderful herbal ally for eyes that helps to soothe tired and irritated skin, as well as nurture puffy eyes - and licorice root - known for lightening dark under eye circles and discoloration, this eye serum is a true powerhouse!

10ml glass roller ball

The Ingredients

All organic: macadamia nut oil & jojoba oil infused with reishi mushroom, freshly ground coffee, eyebright, arnica flowers, licorice root, rosemary & coffee bean CO2

The Ritual

A little goes a long way! A swipe under each eye once or twice per day is all you need. Pat in gently with fingers.

The Lala Earth Story

Founded by community herbalist and homesteader Lauren Murphy, Lala Earth is an ode to the land and the magic of plants. Lauren is passionate about creating wild herbal tonics and nourishing skin care products that can seamlessly integrate into a healthy lifestyle. Only making and selling products that she uses herself, Lauren is constantly inspired by the plants that grow around her in southern Vermont. Growing many of the herbs in her home garden that she uses in her blends, she harvests herbs fresh when they are at their peak, and processes them in a way that preserves their vitality, nutrition, and magic.