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Cold Tender
Cold Tender

Night Heron Farm

Cold Tender

The Intention

An immune-supportive formula packed with plants to support blood, lymph, and general immunity. 

The herbal allies in Cold Tender include:

Calendula for expansive lymphatic support. Our lymph system shadows our circulatory system and is composed of branching webs that extend into every part of our body to cleanse and purify blood. This is especially important just before and during illness, since the lymph system is responsible for removing old or affected blood and cells from the body. Since the lymphatic system does not move by itself (unlike our respiration powered by lungs or circulation powered by heart), we can use plants such as calendula to keep our lymph system running smoothly.

Spilanthes, yarrow + echinacea to provide deep antibacterial and antiviral support.  Spilanthes + echinacea both have a numbing tingle, which you will recognize in the tincture. All three of these plants enhance the production and distribution of white blood cells: the workhorses of your immune system.

Stinging nettle leaf and seed to provide nutrition and support to blood health, as well as provide heaps of vitamins and minerals to power and support your body’s immune response. Stinging nettle is also an adaptogen, which means that it can help to rebuild inner energy and address chronic deficiencies.

1fl oz

The Ingredients

Echinacea root + flower*, stinging nettle leaf + seed*, calendula flowers*, yarrow* + spilanthes* infused into organic cane spirits + raw, local mountain honey

*All plants grown with love and organic practices in Earth Tide Botanicals' mountainside California garden.

The Ritual

This tincture is best used liberally: a half dropper when needed, as many as 5 times per day at the first sign of illness - swollen glands, sore tissues, fatigue, etc. If you still get sick, continue to take this tincture up to the preventative amount to reduce illness’ duration.

The Night Heron Farm Story

Night Heron Farm founders Alena and Danny lovingly tend to, nurture, and grow every medicinal herb in their blends on their beyond-organic land set atop the slopes of a gentle mountain two miles inland from the southern California coast. Their garden is nourished by the coastal fog that rolls in and out of the canyon, surrounded by high and dry ridgelines, but held in the dense embrace of a healthy oak woodland.  

They utilize more-than-organic practices, honoring the biodiversity of the forest they call home: working to build their soil with rich compost, minimal tilling, and cover crops to reduce their water needs and honor the reality of drought in southern California.  

Danny (who draws all the tiny paintings on the tincture labels) grew up in the mountains nearby and spent many years as a working artist before becoming interested in growing medicinal plants. Alena grew up in the deciduous jungles of the Southeast and has spent the last decade as an organic farmer and native plant gardener. They met during an apprenticeship at a medicinal herb farm and have been growing and making medicine together ever since.