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Night Heron Farm


The Intention

A formula for processing grief and releasing trauma in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies to support liberating joy. 

The herbal allies in Comfort include:

Lemon balm - an electric green herb with a sweet lemony fragrance - for uplifting in the face of despondency. Lemon balm is mildly sedative and an important ally for moments of acute anxiety or stress where instant relief is needed.

Passionflower - a psychedelic purple flower with a riot of zig-zag stamens and electric stripes - for a gentle and restful easing of anxiety and tangled thoughts. These wild beauties' twisted stamens are echoes of our own neural networks, dense and humming. Passionflower is a powerful nervine…soothing mental pathways overstimulated by stress, anxiety, grief, or nagging and repetitive thoughts.

Rose for a strong and open heart - acting as an herbal relaxant to soothe moments of anxiety or sadness by bringing a sense of warmth and possibility.

Ashwagandha - a powerful adaptogen - for building slow and steady energy without being overstimulating (so this tincture may be taken at night). Ashwagandha also promotes deep and restful sleep, including access to the dream world.

Comfrey flower essence for transmuting sorrow, grief, and trauma into compassionate care for others and the other-than-human world...learning and becoming healers from our own wounds. Flower essences are infusions of a single flower into spring water beneath the sun + moon.  They have an ethereal energy that speaks less to a particular body system and more directly to our emotions. 

1fl oz

The Ingredients

Lemon balm, passionflower, maypop, rose + ashwagandha infused into organic apple cider vinegar + raw, local buckwheat honey with comfrey flower essence 

*All plants grown with love and organic practices in Earth Tide Botanicals' mountainside California garden. 

The Ritual

Shake firmly. Half to a full dropper as needed.

The Night Heron Farm Story

Night Heron Farm founders Alena and Danny lovingly tend to, nurture, and grow every medicinal herb in their blends on their beyond-organic land set atop the slopes of a gentle mountain two miles inland from the southern California coast. Their garden is nourished by the coastal fog that rolls in and out of the canyon, surrounded by high and dry ridgelines, but held in the dense embrace of a healthy oak woodland.  

They utilize more-than-organic practices, honoring the biodiversity of the forest they call home: working to build their soil with rich compost, minimal tilling, and cover crops to reduce their water needs and honor the reality of drought in southern California.  

Danny (who draws all the tiny paintings on the tincture labels) grew up in the mountains nearby and spent many years as a working artist before becoming interested in growing medicinal plants. Alena grew up in the deciduous jungles of the Southeast and has spent the last decade as an organic farmer and native plant gardener. They met during an apprenticeship at a medicinal herb farm and have been growing and making medicine together ever since.