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Apis Apotheca


The Intention

Inspired by the classic Ayurvedic beverage that Apis’s founder, Aviva, was introduced to by Indian relatives when she was still a tween, this balm takes oil cleansing to a whole new level. A deep whole-plant infusion of cooling, reparative calendula, chamomile, yarrow, and gotu kola organically grown on the Apis Apotheca farm coalesces with rich, nourishing butters and oils to soothe and moisturize sensitized and delicate skin. A healthy dose of turmeric CO2 extract modulates and prevents inflammation, while cardamom opens the sacral and heart chakras - helping us feel calm and comfortable in our beautiful, unique skin. This milky cleanser is capable of fully removing heavy make up; and, most importantly, no steaming necessary - allowing inflamed skin to ease into its own rhythm, while preserving and building our skin's intuitive, essential moisture barrier. 


The Ingredients

Raw/organic shea butter, raw/organic kokum butter, cold pressed/ local/ organic sunflower seed oil, calendula*, chamomile*, yarrow*, gotu kola*, wildcrafted reishi, Di-PPG-2 Myreth-10 Adipate, turmeric co2 extract, cardamom co2 extract

*Organically grown on Apis Apotheca's Germantown, New York medicinal herb farm

The Ritual

With dry hands, massage a pea-size amount onto dry skin for 1-2 minutes, really giving attention to every corner of your face. Then, moisten your hands and massage your skin again, transforming the balm into a milk. Splash with warm water until your face feels clean and moisturized.

The Apis Apotheca Story
Founded and run by farmers, herbalists, and educators who feel a duty to uphold traditions of equitable access to safe herbal medicine and knowledge, Apis Apotheca creations are brought to life by Aviva Skye Tilson, who comes from a farming background and is a certified community herbalist. Aviva has spent a decade healing herself through working with plants and animals, and has always loved skincare. The Apis Apotheca line represents her combined years of field experience, academic research, and endless experimentation.
The Apis Apotheca team runs an organic medicinal herb farm in Germantown, New York, where they grow 98% of the plants that they use in their products.  This means they have precise control of the vibrancy of the plants going into their formulas. The love with which they grow the plants undoubtedly makes its presence known in their high quality, fresh, efficacious products.