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Holy Smoke Incense
Holy Smoke Incense


Holy Smoke Incense

The Intention

Our all-time favorite incense, this ancient synergistic and proprietary blend of Indonesian flowers, herbs, roots, spices, and nuts enchants, clears, and evokes with its grounding smoke that envelopes the entire space with peace, bliss, and sacred ceremony.

Holy Smoke is crafted by Indonesian farmers who unite to preserve local and ancient traditions by working with pure ingredients from time-honored recipes deeply rooted in their culture. Zen and Bunni of ZENBUNNI are the only people in the world to work with them to create their version of this secret recipe of hand-rolled sacred herbs and flowers.

13 sticks per box. Average burn time is 30 minutes/stick.

The Ingredients

A proprietary blend of Indonesian flowers, herbs, roots, spices, and nuts that's free of all synthetic binders and impure ingredients.

The Ritual

Light the end of one stick of Holy Smoke and place in a bowl or in an incense burner. Allow the smoke to cleanse all above and below.


Communing with nature and creating magic in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains in California, Zen & Bunni, the founders behind their eponymous line, are committed to the highest standards in regenerative and sustainable practices in business and life. From plant-based packaging of their creations to the way they rigorously screen their ingredients, they consider their coffee and incense as vehicles for self-care, education, symbiotic awareness, and community. They believe that through conscious use of currency, we can bring about great change. Through education, awareness, and action, we can each begin to play a pivotal role in shifting the landscape and regenerating our Earth.