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KAPHAR Cleansing Bar
KAPHAR Cleansing Bar

H is for Love

KAPHAR Cleansing Bar

The Intention

For hands and body.

A luxuriously moisturizing bar that has a milky lather and just the right amount of luscious bubbles, KAPHAR is next-level cleansing at its finest. Oils of olive, coconut, babassu, and castor nourish, smooth, and soften in this architectural soap that not only fits perfectly and decadently in the hand while cleansing, but also is worthy of display. And with the most intoxicating scent unification of sweet balsam, bergamot, and vetiver, KAPHAR grounds us into the peace within, while revitalizing both body and mind.


The Ingredients

Saponified Oils of: Olive*, Coconut*, Babassu*, Castor*, Rose Clay, Mixed Tocopherols (Non-GMO Vitamin E) Essential Oils of: Vetiver*, Bergamot^ , Peru Balsam

*Certified organic
^Organically grown

The Ritual

Using both hands, create a generous lather and breathe in deeply for a heavenly cleanse. For use on hands and body.

Note: While the oils used to make this bar are cold pressed and organic, we recommend keeping foaming cleansers away from the delicate skin on your face.

The H is for Love Story

When Bee Simonds, the founder of H is for Love, entered the world of clean skincare, it wasn’t after years of working in the beauty industry or as a business woman who recognized a market opportunity. It was as a clean living expert. A wealth of knowledge about all things natural, holistic, and healthy, she wanted skincare made with the best ingredients in the world that valued integrity every step of the way. From harvesting practices to their environmental footprint as a company, the H team knows that every choice made has an effect. Therefore, it must be intentional. And sourcing is a foundational core value for H is for Love. All herbs are sourced directly from small, organic farms, and extracts are created in-house with so much love and intention. Essential oils are highly vetted to ensure authenticity and purity, and carrier oils are sourced after expansive research into their quality and integrity. Small batches of all H creations are brought to life by hand in their beautiful Spokane, Washington studio.

H is about returning to connection with nature and each other. It’s the little things, like writing personal notes to pack in each order, Bee making herself personally available through Instagram or email, and visiting difference cities to teach workshops. It’s about creating a web of love and care that stretches between us all…and out into the world.