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Lymphatic Breast Oil

Lala Earth

Lymphatic Breast Oil

The Intention

Created with the abundance of spring plants growing around like cleavers, violet, dandelion, red clover, and yarrow, this concentrated lymphatic-moving breast oil is intended to help move stagnant lymph, nourish the breast tissue and skin, and heal and prevent cysts. 

Breast skin is incredibly thin and absorbent, and regular massaging of the breasts can help to bring about movement where there is stagnation and healing where there is disharmony, while also diving deeply into sacred and loving self-care practices.

2fl oz

The Ingredients

All organic / wild: jojoba & olive oil infused with cleavers, violet, dandelion, red clover, yarrow & yellow dock root, evening primrose oil + essential oils of cypress, rosemary, geranium & eucalyptus 

The Ritual

Massage daily into breast tissue and surrounding areas. May also be used as a lymphatic body massage oil as well. This oil is NOT for pregnant or nursing mamas. 

The Lala Earth Story

Founded by community herbalist and homesteader Lauren Murphy, Lala Earth is an ode to the land and the magic of plants. Lauren is passionate about creating wild herbal tonics and nourishing skin care products that can seamlessly integrate into a healthy lifestyle. Only making and selling products that she uses herself, Lauren is constantly inspired by the plants that grow around her in southern Vermont. Growing many of the herbs in her home garden that she uses in her blends, she harvests herbs fresh when they are at their peak, and processes them in a way that preserves their vitality, nutrition, and magic.