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Oracle Olive Oil
Oracle Olive Oil


Oracle Olive Oil

The Intention

Hailing from the verdant shores of Greece, the land where olive oil began, Oracle transports ancient culinary traditions into the modern kitchen.

Made from 100% organic Koroneiki olives sourced from a collective of Greek seaside olive farms - including one belonging to the family of Oracle's founder Cristiana Sadigianis for many generations - and cold pressed in small batches within 12 hours of harvest, Oracle Olive Oil is unusually rich in polyphenol and oleocanthal: creating an oil with a very low acidity level and an abundance of anti-inflammatory properties. Its flavor and unique characteristics (including a high smoke point of 410 degrees) make it especially well suited to everyday use, whether for cooking, dressing, or dipping. Packaged in a stunning navy blue bottle designed by LA artist Alejandro Cardenas and UV-coated to prevent oxidation of the oil through light exposure, this bottle is one with which you'll want to adorn your countertop. Each bottle is filled and sealed in Laconia and labeled with the date of harvest, ensuring an extraordinarily fresh, flavorful oil that’s meant to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis.

Flavor profile:

Well-balanced / fruity / peppery / nutty
Fresh grass / artichokes / blood orange


The Ingredients

100% organic Koroneiki olives from Laconia, Greece

The Ritual

Add to any and all food as you wish.

The Oracle Story

Growing up, founder Cristiana Sadigianis spent every summer on her grandparents’ farms in Delphi and the Peloponnese, where she gathered honey from their apiaries, ate yogurt from their sheep, shelled almonds from their trees, and cooked with olive oil from their olive groves. It is this tradition — along with her deep appreciation for the centuries-old Greek value of philoxenia, generosity expressed through food and ritual — that inspired her to start Oracle. 

In 2018, she paused her career in New York producing photo shoots to fulfill her long-time dream of creating an olive oil of her own. She earned a certificate in holistic nutrition from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, earned an olive oil sommelier certificate from the International Culinary Center, and took cooking classes at the Natural Gourmet Institute before ultimately launching Oracle in 2019, with the help of her husband and co-founder Oliver Haslegrave.