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Night Heron Farm


The Intention

A blend of powerful nervine herbs (herbs that specifically support the nervous system) to ease anxiety and promote deep and sustained sleep. This formula can help promote deep sleep and access to the world of dreams and the subconscious - perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give body and mind! With motherwort to slow a rapid heartbeat, reduce anxiety, and support a strong and tender heart response; California poppy root to ease nervous tension and hyperactivity, as well as provide its sedative quality to slow a racing heart and mind; and milky oats (the juicy seeds of wild oats!) to repair nerve damage with their milky sap, which nourishes the myelin sheathing surrounding our nerve ends (which can become damaged from stress), allowing our nervous system to be able to better communicate with our bodies and external environment.

Available in 1fl oz or 2fl oz

The Ingredients

Motherwort*, California poppy root* + milky oat tips* infused into organic spirits

*All plants grown with love and organic practices in Night Heron Farm’s mountainside California garden.

The Ritual

To use this tincture as a sleep aid, take one third to a half dropper just before bed. This formula will not give you an "herbal hangover" (aka make you groggy the next morning!).

The Night Heron Farm Story

Night Heron Farm founders Alena and Danny lovingly tend to, nurture, and grow every medicinal herb in their blends on their beyond-organic land set atop the slopes of a gentle mountain two miles inland from the southern California coast. Their garden is nourished by the coastal fog that rolls in and out of the canyon, surrounded by high and dry ridgelines, but held in the dense embrace of a healthy oak woodland.  

They utilize more-than-organic practices, honoring the biodiversity of the forest they call home: working to build their soil with rich compost, minimal tilling, and cover crops to reduce their water needs and honor the reality of drought in southern California.  

Danny (who draws all the tiny paintings on the tincture labels) grew up in the mountains nearby and spent many years as a working artist before becoming interested in growing medicinal plants. Alena grew up in the deciduous jungles of the Southeast and has spent the last decade as an organic farmer and native plant gardener. They met during an apprenticeship at a medicinal herb farm and have been growing and making medicine together ever since.