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Apis Apotheca


The Intention

Like a sweet lullaby for your skin, Honey Mallow is crafted with some of the most gentle, nurturing botanicals like elderflower, marshmallow, rose, and comfrey infused into local, organic sunflower seed oil. With the consistency of a gel-oil, this balm's base of humectant, healing raw local honey helps keep skin hydrated throughout the day and is complemented by unbleached local beeswax for extra nourishment. This replenishing nectar whip was brought to life to calm highly reactive skin and rebuild it while protecting it from the elements. It is simple, decadent, and offers up the healing properties of the flowers, bees, roots, and leaves. 


The Ingredients

Local sunflower seed oil, *comfrey leaf, *elderflower, Raw Hudson Valley honey, *damask rosebuds, *marshmallow root, unbleached local beeswax 

*Organically grown on Apis Apotheca's Germantown, New York medicinal herb farm

The Ritual

Apply as the last step of a routine prior to sunscreen (if using). Spritz with hydrosol/toner after applying to ensure fullest hydration and penetration.

The Apis Apotheca Story
Founded and run by farmers, herbalists, and educators who feel a duty to uphold traditions of equitable access to safe herbal medicine and knowledge, Apis Apotheca creations are brought to life by Aviva Skye Tilson, who comes from a farming background and is a certified community herbalist. Aviva has spent a decade healing herself through working with plants and animals, and has always loved skincare. The Apis Apotheca line represents her combined years of field experience, academic research, and endless experimentation.
The Apis Apotheca team runs an organic medicinal herb farm in Germantown, New York, where they grow 98% of the plants that they use in their products.  This means they have precise control of the vibrancy of the plants going into their formulas. The love with which they grow the plants undoubtedly makes its presence known in their high quality, fresh, efficacious products.